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ezcap would love to sponsor products to every content creator, but we have to focus on working with individuals and teams that are more fit with our brand and vision. We choose from a variety of factors, including channel size, content type, online personas, target audience, and more. It's not fair to judge based solely on data, so we process all sponsorship requests on a case-by-case basis.
If you would like to receive ezcap product sponsorship and think you have what it takes, please read and respond to the following and send an email to
1. Who are you/your organization?
2. What kind of content do you produce? What language is the content published in? On which platforms are they published?
3. What is the size of your audience on such platforms? In which country or countries is the audience primarily located?
4. What platform do you play the game on? What type of game do you play?
5. Why would you like to have a sponsorship/partnership with ezcap?
6. What kind of value or support can you provide to ezcap?
7. In addition to product sponsorship and presenting your links on the website, what kind of cooperation model do you want ezcap to have?
8. What are your relevant social links? (YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
A few things to confirm when submitting:
Please use email subject: ezcap Sponsorships + Your name
Please be brief and concise.
What is your value to ezcap to help us understand what makes your content special that will help push your application through.
We cannot guarantee that every sponsorship application will be approved, everything is subject to our response. Thanks anyway for your interest in ezcap. 

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