How to Get Product Technical Support

First of all, you need to know your product model number, like ezcap261. Usually you can find out through three parts: back of product, back of giftbox and manual. Then you can find out the support informations according to the product model number. 
You have three ways to get support: DOWNLOAD link, FAQ link and send us mail. DOWNLOAD link offers you manual, driver, firmware and application software. FAQ link guides you updating firmware, software settings, and how to solve some problems. And you need to send us email if you cannot solve your problem through the two ways. 
Please send us mail:, 

ezcap Warranty Term

Which products can be covered with our warranty?
The first one is with our own brand or company name, they include Forward Video, EzCAP or ezcap. All of those are under our Warranty Term.The second one is with white brand, but there is our model number sticker on the back of device or package. The third one is our OEM service, our clients make their own brand, not our brand on the package. Our warranty can't cover the device for you directly. Please contact with your seller to solve the problem directly. Of course, maybe you can find out the answers from our website. 
Under Warranty and Out of Warranty
We offer 15 monthes warranty for our product, and the beginning date is based on model number sticker. Actually, we offer 12 monthes warranty time, but we add 3 monthes for shipment and selling time. ezcap280HB1902XXXXX, it means the production date is in Feb, 2019 year. So, it's under our warraty time until May, 2020 year. 
Under Warranty - Products Return
- If the defected products do not caused by man-made failure, the repairs and material cost will be covered by Animation.
- If the defected products does caused by man-made failure, the customer will be charged of repairs and material cost.
- If no defects found on the product, customer will cover a labor-testing fee.
Out of Warranty - Products Return
- No matter the products are in good condition or defected product, there will be a cost of labor testing fee, and any change of components has to charge on material cost. 

Download and Documents

Please go to download drivers, application software, firmware, manual according to your product model number. 


Please find the product category that the product belongs to by the producct model number, then go to the same FAQ category to find the answer.