USB capture cards streaming video on Android phone

We have two solutions for the application. 

One is connect ezcap USB UVC video capture device to your android phone directly (If capture card is the USB-A connect and cable, need to buy onewith TYPE-C OTG adapter). Your phone will lose the power quickly because android phone will offer power to own phone and video capture device when you record or live video. 

Another solution is connect ezcap USB UVC video capture device, your android phone, USB-C docking and phone's power charge - or power banker together, and video streaming and charging at the same time.  

1, Simple connection for streaming video in short time. 

You need to buy an USB-C OTG connecter such as below: 


Connect HDMI IN port of ezcap USB UVC video capture device to HDMI OUT of your video source, and USB port of device to your android phone. 


2, Streaming video and charging at the same time. 

First of all, you need to buy extra USB-C docking.

Second, please connect USB UVC video capture device,  USB-C docking, Android phone and Power charger following the connection: 


Please connect your video source like digital camera's HDMI OUT to the HDMI IN port of ezcap USB 3.0 UVC video capture device. 

3, Download the below apk file, and install on your android phone. 

app for android 

4, Set and operate app. 

Open installed app, and click Horizontal Play, insert the rtmp address and other informations following the streaming platform. Select 1080P or 720P or other solutions you want, then click START. Please click the + icon of window 1 in low-left of streaming panel, and select USB Camera/Exp device, then the video will display on the window 1. Click window 1 in the up-left of panel, the video will display one the main window. 

Click the audio setting icon in the low-left of window, and click the USB Audio switch icon to select the USB audio device of ezcap USB capture device.

Please learn more through the app on your phone.