HD Recorders ezcap284 295 286 work with OBS

ezcap HD recorder solutions work standalone, and save recorded files in USB or SD storage directly. But we also developed the function, make our recorders can connect to computer, and work as an USB video capture device in Windows system. 

Not all ezcap HD recorders can do this, only ezcap284, ezcap295 and ezcap286. 

Please go DOWNLOAD to download the drivers, and go to to download application software installation package, and remind it's Windows version. 

During you install the driver, if you cannot install driver successfully with setup.exe package, please update the driver on DEVICE MANAGEMENT and point the path of original driver document you just download. You also can find the operation guide in downloaded folder, and please operate according to the guide. 

PS: The devices only can work with OBS, and cannot work with other third-party application software.