FAQ for ezcap270 Live Box

1, ezcap270 Live Box doesn't support i format HDMI input. If you don't get the video on EZLive panel on your smartphone, maybe you need to check your video source is i format or p format. And right now, ezcap270 Live Box only allows 1080p and 720p signal input, and we will develop 480p resolution soon. 

2, ezcap270 Live Box cannot allow user record and stream the HDMI signal with HDCP protection. Before you connect, please make sure your video source includes HDCP protection or not. 

3, After you connect power - 5V2A - to ezcap270 device through micro USB port, power supply will offer power to ezcap270 and your smartphone together. You also can connect an USB power bank to ezcap270 if you do the streaming outdoors, and 8000mAh can work about 5 hours. 

4, Please watch the live at the terminal to confirm the live effect when you are using 270 to live video. And please stop LIVE - back to main panel - enter activity again - start LIVE again, if you find the live video is frozen at the terminal - your computer, smatphone or iPad ... 

5, About the version and guide of EZLive, please back to FAQ: EZLive App's version and guide.