Application of USB Video Capture Card in Screen Sharing of Video Conference System

Install an application software on the computer to be used for online conference, and set it up like video or game collection (OBS, VLC, etc), (also installed online conference APP, such as Zoom, Skype for Business, WebEx, BlueJeans). 

Connect the HDMI output of computer with meeting contents and video capture card by HDMI cable, and  connect video capture card and meeting computer by the USB cable. 

Demonstrate the application with the online conference APP "Zoom:

Use VLC (or other video capture application mentioned above) to open ezcap USB3.0 video capture and see the correct video in the software interface.

In Zoom's meeting screen, click "Share Screen":

Select “VLC Media Player", and click “Share Screen”.

The video content and the host will be displayed simultaneously: