General FAQs for VHS to DVD USB video capture

Find model number from software CD. 

If you cannot confirm the product model from giftbox - product sticker on back of giftbox, device main body - product sticker on back of device, Manual - in the beginning of manual, you still can get product model through the product software disk. 

There is disk moud mark on back of disk like below. 



ezcap159 / 60.5 / 200225
ezcap159: Product model
60.5: Disk version
200225: Date

After you confirm the product model you bought, you can go to DOWNLOAD page to find and download all the driver, manual, software and others. 

ezcap159 works with new Mac OS X since 11.6 Big Sur 
We donot suggest you use QuickTime with ezcap159 for new macOS Big Sur, you also find the reason in the below contents.
We suggest use OBS mac version with ezcap159 for macOS Big Sur.
Please download OBS  from 

General FAQ: 
Question: I am unable to connect ezcap USB Video Capture to my VCR, camcorder, DVD player, what can I do?
Answer: When you buy a VCR, camcorder or DVD player you are usually supplied with an RGB lead. This lead has three yellow, red and white connectors at each end, or alternatively it may have these connectors at one end and a Scart jack at the other end. 


Question: If you have a mono camcorder, when you connect it up you may get no audio whatsoever. Must I have a stereo camcorder?
Answer: ezcap USB Video Capture can word with a mono camcorder.


Question: Can the ezcap USB Video Capture be used to record videos from other devices such as Sky box or straight from a television, or anything along those lines?
Answer: Yes it can. As long as the device you wish to record from has the relevant outputs required – Red, White and Yellow phono video lead. These must be outputs and not inputs otherwise it will not work. Please check the device manual first to see whether your device has the outputs needed. 


Question: Can you see what you are recording?
Answer: A small window is found at the top of the screen to show what you are recording.


Question: If my video is like 180 minutes long, will it take this long to transfer via the ezcap USB Video Capture?
Answer: Yes.


Question: Can I copy original movies onto my computer using the ezcap USB Video Capture?
Answer: No, this is illegal. It is piracy to copy a film and then sell or lend it to another person without permission to do so.


Question: Will the videos I record onto my computer take up much space?
Answer: Yes, they will. Video files are large files. You can choose the quality of the video to save space on your computer. The lower quality for the smaller file.


Question: How long will it take to record?
Answer: This is a real time capture device therefore it will take 3 hours tape.


Question: It the ezcap USB Video Capture compatible with the old video 8 mm camcorders?
Answer: Yes, it is. You will have to buy a connection lead. You may require an RGB lead.


Question: Showbiz appears you - video is copyright protected, video capture will not resume - while you are capturing video by Showbiz software, how to fix?
Please go to SUPPORT - DOWNLOAD - ANALOG VIDEO CAPTURE - SHOWBIZ PROTECTION to download, and install one of them according to your system is 32 or 64bit, and will solve the problem.