Camera Tips for Live with Capture Card and Camera

The tips will ensure the best experience and image quality when using a camera with ezcap331 CAM LINK 4K. These are general tips and may not apply directly to the camera you are using. 
1, Disable AUTO SHUTOFF: Most cameras will automatically turn off to prevent battery drain. For video calls, the camera needs to stay on indefinitely. Automatic power shutoff settings are most often found in the power settings of the camera. 
2, Clean HDMI OUTPUT: Cameras output graphical user interface elements such as battery levels and resolution settings. THis can be disabled by goting into HDMI menu of camera and disableing HDMI info display, or by pressing the info button on your camera multiple times. 
3, Use an AC ADAPTER: Most cameras cannot operate and charge at the same time. An AC adapter or dummy battery must be used to trick the camera into thinking it it running or battery power indefinitely. 
4, Set to MOVIE MODE: Look for the Movie Mode option, typically indicated by a film camera icon on a camera's mode dial.