How to Fix Black Screen for USB VHS to DVD Capture

If you met the black screen problem when you use the USB Analog VHS to DVD capture device, please do something following below steps to solve it. 

1, Make sure your computer "Allow apps to access your camera" is on. If not, set to On then check the result. 
- Settings --- Privacy --- Camera --- On.  

2, download the new version VHS to DVD 5.0 SE and have a try again.  Download page --- Analog Video Capture --- ezcap159 --- Software

3, Disable accelerator by the tool. 

Please download the tool and do something following below guide. 

- Go to Support - Download and Documents - Analog Video Capture - Black screen to download. 

- Please check your PC system at first,then choose the right repair firmware for the right system.


- For example,your PC is WIN10,then you can click “DirectX_Repair_win8_win10”. Open the file.


- Click “Tool”→ “Option” 


- Click  “DX Acceleration” → →“Disable DirectDraw”→ “OK”