Recording Sony PS game console video related issues

PS4 has HDCP disabled for firmware 1.7 or higher, so using the ezcap game capture recording box can easily record playing games.
Please update your PS firmware to 1.7 or later. Then go to Settings-the system disables the "Enable HDCP" option. Then use the HDMI cable to connect the PS4 to the ezcap HD video recording box, and you will see the game screen on the monitor, which means that you can now start recording the game video.

-Why can't I record video through the HDMI port of the PS3?
It may be because the HDMI signal has HDCP protection, please purchase an HDMI splitter to decode HDCP, or record video through component video output. Note that decoding HDCP is illegal in some countries and regions.

-Use with PS3 via color difference video connection:
Since the HDMI in PS3 has HDCP protection, it is not possible to use an HDMI cable to directly connect it to the ezcap HD game recording box to record video, so the first suggestion is to use a color difference component cable connection. Go to Settings-Video Output Settings and select "Component/D Terminal". Under the resolution setting, please make sure that the "1080P" option is not checked, otherwise some game content (such as GT5) will not be recorded.

-Why can't I record audio from PS3 via HDMI port?
Go to PS3 Settings-Audio Output Settings-Select HDMI, and then select Manual. Uncheck Dolby and DTS, and then save the settings.