USB analog video capture FAQs - ezcap159, 158,172

How to solve the software black screen

After you connect the video source, USB video capture box and computer, correctly install the product driver and application software (such as Arcsoft Showbiz or Honestech VHStoDVD, etc.), and complete all settings, but a black screen appears on the software panel and no video is displayed. Even if you can capture the correct video file, you cannot preview the video on the screen.

Now, you need to download the tool and follow the following guide to solve this problem.
1. Please download the program at the following location of the company: Technical Support-Download Materials-Analog Video Class-Black Screen.
2. Please check your computer operating system first, and then select the correct upgrade firmware for the correct system.

3. For example, if your system is WIN10, you need to double-click the "DirectX_Repair_win8_win10" file.

4,  Click “Tool” →  “Option” . 

5. Click "DX Acceleration" → "Disable DirectDraw" → "OK" to solve the black screen problem.


Showbiz Software Tips Video Protection
If the Showbiz prompts "video is copyright protected, video capture will not resume" when capturing video using Showbiz 3.5 software, and the video cannot be displayed correctly at this time, please go to the following location of the website to download: technical support-download materials-analog video-Showbiz Protection ". after downloading and decompressing, install the corresponding program according to whether your system is 32-bit or 64-bit, the problem can be solved.


Other Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I can't connect the USB 2.0 video capture box to my VCR/analog camcorder/DVD player-what should I do?
Answer: When you buy a VCR/analog camera/DVD player, you usually have a video cable. It has three connectors of different colors-yellow, red and white. Connect one end of these three connectors to the VCR/analog camera/DVD player and one end to the corresponding terminal of the USB2.0 video capture box.

Question: I have a mono camera, will there be no sound when connected, and do I have to have a stereo camera?
Answer: ezcap USB 2.0 video capture box can be used with mono camera.

Question: Can I see what I have recorded?
Answer: There is a small window in the software panel, and what you see there is exactly what you are recording.

Question: If my video is 180 minutes long, is the recorded duration the same?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can the ezcap USB 2.0 video capture box also be used to record video from other devices, such as set-top boxes or televisions, or any analog video content?
Answer: Yes. As long as the device has yellow, red and white three-terminal composite video output, please note that it is output instead of input, otherwise it will not be used. Please read the instruction manual of the device to confirm whether it has yellow-red-white composite video output.

Question: Can I use the ezcap USB 2.0 video capture box to record and copy the original movie?
Answer: Sorry, please pay attention to the local regulations. In most parts of the world, it is illegal to record and copy original movie videos, especially when they are used for commercial activities such as selling or renting.

Question: Does the recorded video file take up a lot of space on my computer?
Answer: Yes, the video file is really large. Of course, you can choose different recording quality files to save on the computer, low-quality video takes up less space.

Question: How long does the recording take?
Answer: This is a real-time recording device, so it actually takes 3 hours to record a 3-hour tape.

Question: Is ezcap USB 2.0 video capture box suitable for old 8mm cameras?
Answer: Yes, but you need to purchase a patch cord and confirm whether the camera can be connected.