HD Video Recorder FAQs

It's for the models: ezcap280/280HX/283S/284/286/288X/289. 

1. Why is there no recording file in the memory after recording? 

When you finish recording, all the recording instructions are correct, but you find that there are no recording files in the memory. At this time, please connect the storage to the computer and format it. It is especially important to note that you must choose safe mode to exit before exiting the computer, especially recording undivided files or NTFS format storage.

2. How to set the serial number of the recording file name-clear? 

After using the ezcap28X series recording box for a long time, you will find that the recording file name is getting larger and larger, for example, Encode_1080P_234, and you want the recording file name to start from Encode_1080P_0 again. Press the REC recording button for a long time before the power supply is not connected, then plug in the power supply, and the recording file name can be cleared after about three seconds.


3, how to set the real time clock? 

After the recording is completed at that time, sometimes you will find that the time attribute of the file is the wrong local time, one is that all files have the same time attribute, and the other is that the time is changing but the time attribute is wrong. In the former case, the machine means that there is no real-time clock inside the machine, so there can be a real-time clock after setting, and once the power is off, it will return to the state of no clock. The latter case indicates that there is a real-time clock inside, but it is not set accurately. Once set, it will be on time until the built-in button battery runs out of power.


ezcap28X Series: Create a new TXT document named "rtc_setup.txt", open the file and enter the local time according to the following format, then save and copy it to U disk or SD card.
-The specific time indicated in the following format is: 2014, 23: 45: 59 on January 31, month12, and pay attention to keep the last line.


Unplug the power connection of the machine, plug in the U disk or SD card, power on, the indicator light will flash for a few seconds, and then always on, which means that the update has been completed.


ezcap27X series: Create a new TXT document with the file name "rtc_setup.txt", open the file and enter the local time, save and copy to the SD card after completion.
-The following format indicates that the time is 23: 45 on December 31, 2014.


Unplug the power connection of the machine, plug in the SD card, power on, the indicator light will flash for a few seconds, and then always on, which means that the update has been completed.

4, why HDMI output to the TV or recorded files without sound?

Because the machine does not support DTS, Dolby or some other audio format. Please select HDMI PCM or AAC audio output option, and then you can solve the problem of silence. If the video source device has selected DTS and Dolby audio formats, deselect these unsupported audio formats.

5, how to select and set the memory?

For USB Flash driver or USB HDD, supports FAT32 and NTFS formats, and exFAT is not supported.
For SD card or Micro SD card, only supports FAT32 format, and NTFS and exFAT are not supported. 

Please buy well-known brand memory-U disk, SD card, TF card, USB mobile hard disk or hard disk from regular channels anyway. We also recommend that even if you choose an undivided recording method, you should save the recording file every 1-2 hours to ensure the safety of the recording file, especially if the recording scene cannot be reproduced.

A, USB 2.0 U disk and USB 2.0 mobile hard disk

-FAT32 format, only single file 2G or 3.8G can be recorded.

-Please format the computer first, and safely exit the memory, especially NTFS format.

-Please read the manual carefully to confirm the memory formats supported and not supported by the machine.

B, USB 3.0 U disk and USB 3.0 mobile hard disk

-In addition to the above information, we found that there are many cheap low-quality low-speed memory flooding the market, so we recommend buying Kingston USB flash drives, Seagate or Maxtor (Maxtor) mobile hard drives.

C, SD card

-Please purchase CLASS 10 or above brand SD card.

D, USB mobile hard disk partition

-If used for recording video, we do not recommend partitioning. If you have to partition it, please use MBR mode, our device does not support GPT mode partition.