ezcap 284,295,286 HD recording box works with OBS

ezcap HD game video recording box solution can run independently and save video recording files directly in U disk or SD card. But we have also developed this function so that our recording box can be connected to a computer and can be used as a USB video capture device in a Windows system.

Not all ezcap HD game video recording boxes can do this, only ezcap284,ezcap295 and ezcap286.
Please go to the download page to download the corresponding driver, and visit the https://obsproject.com to download the application software installation package, and note that it is the Windows version.

During the driver installation, if the driver cannot be successfully installed through the setup.exe package, please update the driver in "Device Management" and point to the path of the original driver document just downloaded. You can also find the operation guide in the downloaded folder, follow it.

PS: These devices can only be used with OBS, not with other third-party application software