ezcap23X cassette converter FAQ

ezcap230 FAQ:

1, if you want to save the file in the SD card or TF card, please buy a USB card reader, your card into the card reader, and the USB interface of the card reader can be connected to the ezcap230 like a U disk.
2. Please do not use battery and USB power at the same time.
3. Please use the configured special USB cable to connect to the ezcap230 USB interface, U disk and USB power supply according to the requirements of the manual, otherwise it will not work correctly.
4. When you record a tape, pressing the REC button on the panel will stop recording, but will not stop playing the tape. If you want to stop playing the tape, press the STOP button above the tape converter.


ezcap231 the same or similar except for the third point above.

The ezcap232 are the same or similar except for the first point and the third point above.

About the automatic segmentation function:

The ezcap23x has an automatic division function, that is, several songs of a record can be automatically divided into several mp3 files and saved by pressing the REC key once.

However, there will be some problems in the actual operation process, such as a song is divided into two or more files, such as two songs or more songs are not divided, but saved into an mp3 file. The automatic segmentation function technology determines whether the previous song has ended based on detecting the high and low levels of the volume.

Therefore, if the volume of the tape player is adjusted to a relatively low level, it is easy to be misjudged in a bass part that the song has ended and starts to be divided, resulting in the first phenomenon. Therefore, please adjust the volume slightly larger than usual before using the automatic division function. In addition, if the number of pirated tapes or songs in the design is too large, the pause time between the two songs is particularly short, the device will misjudge that it is a song and will not be divided, resulting in the second situation.

If the volume is adjusted or the appropriate cassette is identified, it still cannot be divided correctly, we are very sorry, please use manual division to complete the conversion of the record.