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ezcap is always committed to continuous innovation in the audio and video field to meet the needs of different industries and customers.
"ezcap HD Capture HD" software, almost no need any operation can be used to operate. It's not only support 1080p60 HD capture, but also video streaming live. Recently, in order to meet the needs of the game live streaming, we will also realize many innovative features such as PIP and microphone mixing.
An inexpensive outdoor HD live streaming product, you can connect your HD camera, smart phone and ezcap270 series LiveBox to share your wonderful moments in real time.
In the medical field, we have developed a professional medical imaging workstation solution - ezcap292 Medical Imaging Workstation - for the acquisition of medical teaching image data, as well as image preservation for surgery and various examinations. It has all video interfaces of medical equipment and can adapt to the needs of various video capture recordings in the medical field. 

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