Game Capture and Live solutions

Provide different solutions to suit different game scenarios, whether it is game recording or live game.
Match various game devices: PlayStation, XBox, Wii, even PC Games. Offer all kinds of host interface: Recording game in USB storages or SD card directly, Capturing and streaming game with application software on your computer through USB or PCI-e of your PC. More video input selections - HDMI, Component Video, and Composite Video. The fastest speed and higher resolution choice: USB 3.0 and 4K60 HDR video.
Always one option fit for you!  

Game Capture Standalone

ezcap273 Game Capture Portable

ezcap273A Game Recorder

ezcap274 1080p60 Game Recorder

ezcap295 HD Capture Pro

ezcap284 HD Capture All-in-One

ezcap280HB HDMI Recorder

Game Capture Live

ezcap320 GameDock Ultra

ezcap269 Game Live 4K60 Pass-Through

ezcap263 U3 Game Live All-in-One

ezcap266 Game Live 4K30 Pass-Through

ezcap294 Game Capture Live PCI-e

ezcap261 1080P60 Game Live

ezcap261M Game Live with MIC

ezcap301 Game Capture Live