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    Please choose branded pendrives, USB HDDs and SD cards. 

    We advise you press stop recording to save one file about per 1.5 or 2 hours to pretect your recording files even you set no-split recording. 


    1, USB 2.0 pendrive and USB 2.0 HDD

    - For FAT32 format, it only can record less than 2G per file. 

    - Please re-format firstly, and safety remove from your computer, expecially NTFS format devices. 

    - It doesn't support exFAT format. 


    2, USB 3.0 pendrive and USB 3.0 HDD. 

    - Except avove informations, we find there are many bad quality and low speed devices in market, and we suggest Kinston's pendrives and Seagate and Maxtor's HDDs. 


    3, SD Card. 

    - Please buy branded SD card with 10 class or above. 


    4, USB HDD patition. 

    - We suggest you don't patition your USB HDD for recording video with our device. If you want to patition it, please use MBR mode. Our devices don't support USB HDD with GPT mode patition.