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    We know once what Made-in-China mean - poor quality, low cost, not to mention after-sales service.
    Yes, actually they often are together. 
    Caused by mass sales and rat race, they must choose low cost, and must produce poor quality, must no any after-sales service.

    But today, increacing people say no, and they want to offer all customers good quality, nice experience, and visible after-sales service.
    What we are doing are not good enough, but we keep trying!

    When you met problems, please view our SUPPORT part of website to find out the answers.
    And send us mail if you still can not solve the problem.
    If we still can not solve your problem, please contact your local saller or vendor to change another new device.
    Because we always offer nice after-sales to them, and that can save shipping cost.

    Anyway, please check your product model number or solutions.
    If you can't find out them, please send us some photoes when you send mail.