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    The standard firmware with recording red circle. 



    - Download and get document as "MERGE.bin". 
    - Copy in USB drive and plug into USB port of device. 
    - Use remote control to update firmware according to your manual. 


    The firmare for cancel recording red circle. It's only for cancel recording red circle, and you need to monitor recording through LED. 



    About ezcap295 connecting with PC, and working with OBS, please view the link of ezcap284's support page. 



    March 12th, 2018, version: 29520180310. NOTE: We'll use this version for standard products in April 2018. 

    Update the firmware for supporting 4K@30fps video input, add Chinese language, and perfect the Schedule Recording function. 
    - ezcap295 will keep pass-through resolution 1080P@60fps, and recording quality up to 1080P@30fps, only allows 4K@30fps video input. 



    Manual Download