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    How to update firmware: 

    A, Download firmware file, and get "jedi.rar" file. Un-rar document to get jedi.img firstly, then save jedi.img file in USB disk (or SD card and Micro SD card, it depends what storage slot with your device) . 
    Unconnect power with device, insert USB disk into USB HOST, then connect power with device, wait for LED flash 8-9 seconds until LED turns to GREEN always, then update finished. 

    B, After update finished, pull out USB disk and insert into PC. If there is no jedi.img file in it, it means update successfully. 
    C, If the jedi.img file is still in storage, it means update failed. Please try above step to update firmware again.

    How to update Real Time Clock with recorded files? 

    Caused by ezcap280 has no extra Real Time Clock, the time stamp of recorded files is same. 
    So, how to get real time stamp for your recorded files? 
    We can update real time into system, then get real time stamp via system's clock. 

    Download real time clock file firstly: 

    Open file and change it via your local real time for year, month, date and time detail as below. 
    And it means year 2014, month Dec, date 31st, hour 23 o'clock, minute 45, second 59. 


    After you changed, please save it. Then move into your USB disk. 
    Unconnect power with device, and plug the USB disk into USB port of device, then connect power with device. 
    The LED should flash afte few seconds, then become green, it means you finish the updating already. 

    Notice: Don't unconnect power with device again! If that, you should lose realtime information. And need to do above work again. 
    Try to record a short video to find the real time stamp with recorded file. 

    For the other models with RTC function, please change the real time following above operation. And you don't need to change angain after you do it. 


    How to reset the number of recorded files? 

    After long time using, you will see the number of recording file become too big, for example Encode_1080P_234, and you want it be start from Encode_1080P_0. 
    To do it you just keep press record button (before power on), then plug the power jack to power on the device, after 3 seconds, the file number will start from 0.