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    • [2019-01-25]

      Spring Festival Holiday 2019

      Our Spring Festival Holiday 2019 starts from Jan 28th to Feb 10th, 2019.
    • [2019-01-25]

      Provide all solutions for HD video capture and streaming

      We can provide all solutions for consumer video capture and streaming.

      Right now, we have offered USB SD video capture solution for Windows and Mac, SD video recorder standalone with/without screen, HD video recorder standalone with HDMI/VGA/DVI/SDI ports, USB 3.0 UVC 1080P60 HD video capture with USB/PCI-e interface.

      In 2019, we will provide some new solutions: 1080P60 HD video recorder with/without screen, USB 3.0 UVC 1080P60 HD video capture with SDI/AHD/4 channel HDMI, Digital camera live box with iOS & Android APP - Live streaming for digital camera on your smart phone, 4K30/60 HD video recorder with UVC system. We also develop professional HD game capture and streaming software for our hardware devices.
    • [2018-02-23]

      ezcap230 has achieved a rank of #3 in Wiki of 2018's best cassette mp3 converters

      Before you can chose a cassette to MP3 conversion system that will suit your needs, you need to complete an honest assessment of your technological prowess. If you still regularly listen to cassette tapes, you are likely going to want to opt for the simplest, most basic unit possible.
    • [2018-01-16]

      ezcap261 HD Capture card report from MINTENDOFUSE

      I’ve recently had the pleasure of using a cheaper alternative to the Elgato, Avermedia, Hauppauge, and Roxio capture cards: the EZCap 261.
    • [2018-01-02]

      Huge streaming market means huge demand for the streaming devices

      Streaming Devices Market Size By Price (USD 30 – 100, USD 101 – 250), By Resolution Type (4K UHD, 1080p, 720p)
    • [2013-08-04]

      EzCAP - European Union trademark certificate

      On April 2009, Forward Video has got the European Union trademark certificate - EzCAP. Every ending user, please note our EzCAP tra......
    • [2013-08-04]

      Provide many new products idea

      Forward Video will provide many new products idea in 2009. Video Transfer - transfer analogue video and audio programs directly to
    • [2013-08-04]

      Forward Video New Product: Tape to MP3 cassette converter

      Forward Video researched one new product - Tape to MP3 cassette converter. It allows you convert your old tape music into MP3 digital music in your computer.
    • [2013-08-04]

      OCT east traveling and 5.1 Labor Day

      All workmates of Forward Video company will travel to OCT east of Shenzhen city. 2009 5.1 Labor Day vacation schedules as below:
    • [2013-08-12]

      Developed New Cassette Converter - No PC required

      ezcap230 can convert old tape to MP3, and save them into USB Disk directly, no PC required.
      ezcap230 not only can do this, but also can save each song of one tape into each MP3 file automatically.