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    • [2013-12-14]

      New product line - Turntable to MP3 solution

      Do you still have many LPs in your home? Do you also want to convert them into MP3, then can listen to them via smartphone or iPod?
      Yes, we have this solution now - ezcap610 and ezcap612. Both of them can help you to get digital music of your old LPs.
    • [2013-08-12]

      Developed New Cassette Converter - No PC required

      ezcap230 can convert old tape to MP3, and save them into USB Disk directly, no PC required.
      ezcap230 not only can do this, but also can save each song of one tape into each MP3 file automatically.
    • [2013-08-04]

      Forward Video New Product: Tape to MP3 cassette converter

      Forward Video researched one new product - Tape to MP3 cassette converter. It allows you convert your old tape music into MP3 digital music in your computer.
    • [2013-08-04]

      OCT east traveling and 5.1 Labor Day

      All workmates of Forward Video company will travel to OCT east of Shenzhen city. 2009 5.1 Labor Day vacation schedules as below:
    • [2013-08-04]

      EzCAP - European Union trademark certificate

      On April 2009, Forward Video has got the European Union trademark certificate - EzCAP. Every ending user, please note our EzCAP tra......
    • [2013-08-04]

      Provide many new products idea

      Forward Video will provide many new products idea in 2009. Video Transfer - transfer analogue video and audio programs directly to