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    Forward Video's manufacturing facility comprises some 5000 sq. meters of floorspace, and employs some 300 people, including a management team of 30. Our factory is equipped with a high standard of IQC, SMT, DIP, and all kinds of video products testing equipment. Strict style of work is always displayed by a number of professional-quality monitoring, engineering production management staff.. We firmly believe that high standards of equipment, strict incoming inspection, strict manufacturing process control, solid engineering follow-up, excellent working environment, serious style of work is the premise of first class product.

    Quality Policy

    Market validation: Our products go from samples, PP (pilot production), to MP (mass production), and then on to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, with absolute guarantees of quality.

    Design verification: Each product undergoes detailed Design Verification testing, including product design and function, in order to ensure that our products meet all design specifications.

    IQC incoming inspection: Before materials are released to the production line, they are tested by more than 20 IQC professionals in order to ensure reliable quality of production materials, which guarantees a smoother and more efficient production process and lower overall costs.

    Production testing: The production process includes a four-test process, including initial tests, durability tests, and full functionality testing, which guarantees a pass rate of over 98%.

    QA, OQA Final Inspection: Each product must pass final Quality Assurance after packaging and then Output Quality Assurance inspection to ensure all manufactured products are in compliance prior to shipping.

    Partner Ship

    The cost-effective solutions always rely on multiple technologies. This is why Forward Video works with a multitude of science and technology partners in the develop and implementation of the most up-to-date OEM/ODM solutions. By working closely hand-in-hand with these partners, we have accomplished pan-continental reach, which enables us to shorten OEM’s time to market on our innovation products.