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    FAQ & Support

    FAQ & Support

    How to get the support info that you want?

    1, All supporting infomations are following the model number of product that you bought.
    We set two parts for supporting in our website.
    - FAQ: It's in PRODUCT project. Please go there to find out the answers for your problem.
    - SUPPORT: It's in SUPPORT project, and it's for downloading drivers, application software, manual and hardware programmers only.

    2, At first, please go to PRODUCT project to find the model of your device that you bought. And click FAQ part of the product, then find out the answers according to your problem.
    - If you don't find the model of your device, please go to STOPPED PRODUCTS under SUPPORT project.
    - If you need to download the drivers or any applications, and can't find it in FAQ, Please go to SUPPORT project to find out it according to the device model number.
    - We just allow you download the application programmer, and we can't offer you extra license key. It should be sticked on the CD bag. You should pay if you lose and need again.

    3, Anyway, you can send mail to us if you can't solve the problem through our online supporting. Of course, you need to offer the product model number. And it's better if you can offer the issue details and images.
    - michael@ezcap.com
    - jacky@ezcap.com 

    About other warranty terms, please click WARRANTY INFORMATION project.